Someone Apparently Wants Superman Returns to Return

I’ve seen and reported on a lot of crazy fucking nerds during my tenure at TR, but no amount of fan insanity has prepared me for the depraved love of some nerds for the movie Superman Returns. Yes, there’s apparently a group of people — not just one deranged soul, as you might expect — who are petitioning Warner Bros. to release a Director’s Cut of Bryan Singer’s Superman movie, because… I have no idea. I cannot fathom why anyone would want a longer version of that terrible, terrible movie.

These poor fans/bastards released the above trailer with “exciting” new shots of Routh’s Superman in a black Kryptonian suit, which apparently got cut originally. And that made me slightly interested, even though he’s shown just standing around, until the trailer showed actual footage from the movie and I remember how boring and misguided it was. Singer’s movie was a big fat love letter to the Christopher Reeve Superman movies, and not Superman the character at all — I still can’t believe how much Singer got wrong. No joke, and no hyperbole — I truly enjoyed both Fantastic Four movies more than Returns.

If Warner Bros. took out anything from Singer’s “vision,” I’m pretty sure it wasn’t action scenes — it was more likely even more footage of Superman standing around and moping, or Lex Luthor and his crew’s sub-three Stooges antics, or Lois’ terrifyingly inappropriate child and utterly boring family life. The idea of being forced to watch even more of Singer’s vision makes me both mad and scared. Luckily, these crazy fools are so insane they’ve decided to campaign via internet petition, so I think I’m going to be safe. (Via Newsarama)