Cartoon Preview Trifecta: Clone Wars, Green Lantern, Ultimate Spider-Man

? Just getting those last bits of SDCC news up. Here’s a Clone Wars season 5 clip, where Obi-Wan hangs out with some Mandalorian-looking folks and fights some other Mandalorian-looking folks. Seems pretty cool. (Via ToysREvil)

? The Anti-Monitor raising the Manhunters, the first appearance of Guy Gardner, and Ch’p — fucking Ch’p — handing Hal Jordan his ass? I officially need to start watching the Green Lantern cartoon. Thanks to Vbanej for the tip.


? Well-played, Ultimate Spider-Man. Well-played indeed. Apparently there’s a whole episode where Loki turns Spidey into the Spectacular Spider-Ham. I think that’s enough for me to give that one episode a shot. Maybe. Probably not. But well-played anyways. (Via Comics Alliance)