The Deleted Shatner Scene from the New Star Trek Revealed


?Remember all those rumors that William Shatner was going to appear in the Trek reboot? And then things got stupid because J.J. Abrams dissed Shatner or Shatner refused to be a cameo or whatever and it didn’t happen? Well, all I know is that at least one draft of the Star Trek movie script had a Shatner-Kirk scene, because the cool cats at dug it up. Since it’s their exclusive, I don’t want to copy and paste it, but here’s a few of the details:

? Shatner-Kirk appears as a hologram message that he gave to Nimoy-Spock.
? Nimoy-Spock shows it to Quinto-Spock during their last meeting from the end of the movie (shown above).
? Shatner-Kirk reminisces about the early days upon the Enterprise in a shockingly classy, non-overt way.
? In my opinion, the scriptwriters nailed Shatner-Kirk’s dialogue perfectly.
? Overall, it’s really pretty damn good. I don’t think we lost anything major by not getting it, but it would have been an excellent addition.

But you can go read the whole thing at TrekMovie and see if you agree. I have little doubt you’ll let me know if you think I’m wrong.