Super 8 Is Enough

This is just a new trailer for Super 8. I wasn’t trying to make any value judgments with the article title, I just needed some kind of phrase or clich? or pop culture reference with the number “8” in it, and “Crazy Super 8s!” sounded even weirder. Anyways, new trailer, still looks good, still very ’80s Spielbergian, still doesn’t seem like much of the story has been spoiled. In case anyone was wondering, I won’t be seeing or reviewing Super 8, because I still have Green Lantern and Transformers 3 to see this month, and I’m already broke as shit. I complained about this to my brother last night, and he told me “You have to go see one movie every two weeks for your job. You get paid to do this. Shut the fuck up.” Shutting the fuck up, Walter.