The Rise of (Awesome) Cobra (Figures)


I mentioned these a few months ago, but The TerrorDrome has more and better shots of some of Hasbro’s 2010 G.I. Joe movie toyline, and I thought it worth reiterating how awesome they are. Seriously, no matter how you feel about the movie, most of the figures have been awesome, especially the upcoming Zartan and his crazy blue face markings or whatever they are. TerrorDrome also has shots of an amazing Snow Job and Ripcord (yes, really, Ripcord) if you want to check them out. You should.


That said, I’m admittedly still a bit boggled by this Jungle Assault Storm Shadow. Covering his pants with orange and gray paint seems counter-intuitive to assaulting jungles, but I’m no expert. I would also think wearing a shirt would be useful — if only for the bugs — but I do know that if you’re going to put a hood over your full head mask, then you might as well wear a fucking shirt, whether you’re in the jungle or Macy’s.