Want to Know When Doctor Who Is Going to Die?

The end of the tenth doctor has been scheduled for American Who-ligan consumption, to be specific. The BBC just put out a press release which details when the final three Tennant-starring Doctor Who specials will be available in America, so set your calendars accordingly.

? Waters of Mars (which airs on November 15th in Great Britain) will air on BBC America on December 19th at 9pm.
? The final two specials, which make up parts one and two of End of Time (airing Christmas-time in England), will be released on DVD on February 2nd, and will likely air on BBC America just before that. Waters of Mars will also be released on DVD on the same day.

Knowing, of course, that none of you would ever dream of illegally downloading these things, this will be the first time you’ll be able to see these specials, and likewise the last time you’ll see Tennant as the doctor. Oh, and I might as well add here that the contest results will be up tomorrow morning, as pretty much every single entrant chose to ignore my plea to be brief. Now I get to spend my entire evening judging Halloween stories… except for a small break to do the Heroes live-blog, of course. Gee. Great. Thanks a lot, guys.