Do Not @#$% with the Green Ranger

So. Remember how Jason David Frank, better known as the Green Ranger from the inaugural season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, announced he was going to do some mixed martial arts fighting? He wasn’t fucking around. From MMA Weekly:

It wasn’t a perfect beginning for Jason David Frank, but it was a victory nonetheless.

a former cast member of the hit Power Rangers show in the 1990’s,
survived a brutal opening onslaught from opponent Jonathan Mack to
score a first-round submission win in his mixed martial arts debut.

landed several hard punches, including one that sent Frank crashing to
the canvas. He allowed Frank to return to his feet before taking him
back to the ground. Frank, who figured to be more of a technical
striker than a submission artist in his debut, quickly pulled Mack into
an omo plata for the submission win.

Not perfect? Frank got a submission in the first round from a dude with more pro MMA experience — that seems like he’d get an E for effort at the very least. And he didn’t even have to summon his Dragon Zord. Unless omo plata is some kind of zord. Well, whatever. If I ever see Jason David Frank, I’m buying him a beer. And begging him not to hit me. Thanks to Jair Ostrom for the tip.