Your Trek Stupid DVD Packaging Buyer’s Guide

I hate DVD cases that aren’t shaped like DVD cases. I don’t begrudge them of the people who do like them, but I need to have my DVDs carefully arranged on my shelves, and I can’t afford to waste any space with some plastic cartoon character head. So I hate and fear the new Target special edition of Star Trek, shown in the video above, which contains either the 2-DVD or 3-Blu ray set in the saucer of the Enterprise. Bleagh.

If you agree with me, you’d do better to get the previously mentioned Amazon Blu-ray exclusive version with the non-disc holding Enterprise replica; the Best Buy exclusive, which comes with the regular DVD and some crappy logo pins, or at worst, the annoying FYE/Suncoast steel-case version. Or you can even but the movie at Hollywood video, and get  a free chance to win a signed Uhura poster which you’ll never possibly win. You can see the other packaging over at Trek Movie, if you’re so inclined.