Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at the greatest fucking toy of all time. I don’t care if you don’t like anime in general or Akira in specific — if you don’t think that the motorcycle scene in Akira is totally badass, your opinion on anything is not to be trusted (like if you didn’t like Batman or something). The reason this 12-inch figure from Medicom and the in-scale motorcycle is the greatest toy of all time is not because of Kaneda’s leather outfit, nor because of the laser cannon accessory he carries, nor because of the GOOD FOR HEALTH BAD FOR EDUCATION pill logo on his back. It’s because, well, this:


?The bike is full of LEDs which light up, allowing the bike to look exactly as awesome as it does in the movie. I’m not even going to lie; this thing is so awesome I’ve been masturbating the entire time I’ve been writing this article. It’s due out in 2010 and should be about 40,000 yen, or $450. I’m almost glad it’s that expensive, because it means less people will be buying it and I’ll have a greater chance of snagging on for myself. (Via ToysREvil)