Topless Toy Chest: First Order Stormtrooper – Star Wars Black Series


Here he is – the first Force Awakens action figure, and one who caused acts of violence on Comic-Con’s preview night. The privilege of the Comic-Con version is really just having him first, as you pay $5 more to get a booklet and have him a couple months early. Undoubtedly, regular editions in more standard packaging will be available everywhere starting September 4th, but for now, you get a look at this one to see if he’s worth buying.

The Trooper comes with two guns – a typical Stormtrooper blaster and a smaller pistol, both with heavy amounts of white detailing that will make them easier to translate into toys, and both with a tab on the side that allows them to plug into the guy’s right leg, though he can hold both at once with ease.

The whole theme of the packaging is to make you think of Stormtroopers as a legacy, starting with the spine.


From there, a booklet stashed in the back of the box gives you the rundown on each generation of Trooper – from Episodes II, III, IV and VII.


Each trooper image has tracing paper over it that points out the details of the weapons and such – lift it up and you see just the drawing of the armor.


Unfortunately, if you were hoping for info on the new guy, well…


Basically, you don’t really need this collector booklet, is what I’m saying. On to the toy. Unlike the previous con-exclusive Boba Fett, he won’t easily fit back in his package, as you have to break the plastic ties to get him out. Because I love all of you, I did it so we could show the guy off.


Jabba types with the hookah pipes say (way-oh, way-oh, oh-way-o-way-o)…


Articulation is about what you’d expect. Ball-jointed neck, shoulders, hips, mid-torso, elbows, wrists; and double-jointed knees. His elbows are a bit restricted, though – you can’t make his upper arm and forearm form a 90-degree angle. So if you want him to surrender with his hands behind his head, he can’t.

The back, unlike the regular Ep IV Stormtrooper, does not include a peghole in the oii symbols, so he won’t be as easy for Hasbro to adapt into new-era Sandtroopers and such.


He’s probably as articulated as you’ll need, though.





But if the Camel Clutch does not convince you, here’s another pose that tells you how he can bend.


I wouldn’t suggest eBay prices on this guy – the extra packaging is mostly a waste, and there’s no way he won’t be available in larger quantities once the movie comes out. As you can see, he looks fine with the rest of the collection, though it should be noted that his head is on a pin joint atop a hinge-and-pivot articulation point, rather than a simple ball and socket like the regular trooper, so you won’t be able to interchange them.

Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the line brings.