And Speaking of Clothes That Are a Crime Against Humanity

I give you the Teenage Mutant Ninja Snuggie:


?If I have any typos in this article or later ones, it’s not my normal idiocy, it’s because this thing is so fucking hideous that I had to rip out my eyeballs and throw them across the room in rage and fear and disgust. This thing hurts me worse than many FFFs, and that smug/come-hither look on this dude’s face isn’t helping any — although I really shouldn’t be surprised by it, since these are from Hot Topic. Also, there’s no Leonardo version, which makes me inexplicably mad, since really, I should be happy that at least one Turtle isn’t besmirched by this atrocity. On the plus side, this thing makes that awful Shredder hoodie look both fashionable and dignified. (Via Stupid Inventor)