Britain’s Answer to Heroes: Misfits

Stalwart TR reader Aidan alerted me to a new show airing on channel 4 called Misfits. It’s about a bunch of teenaged criminals who get superpowers after getting caught in a mysterious rain. As Aidan puts it:

They don’t join together to fight crime, they don’t even join together.
The basic powers, psychic projection, telepathy, future sight,
invisible, are all abused and confused. It’s smart, incredibly
filthy, very fucking funny, and dark as well as weird. Plus any series
that can switch from Joy Division to Neil Diamond in the space of a few
seconds is alright.

So a bunch of people with superpowers fail to use them properly or cooperate with others to accomplish? Sounds like Heroes to me. But smart and funny? Well, that’s were the comparison ends, obviously. Impressively, the official videos of Misfits on YouTube — such as the commercial that gives you a better overview of the show — are unembeddable, so I just went ahead and posted the first part of the first episode, which some kind fan put up illegitimately. Sorry, Channel 4. If you don’t have enough sense to properly promote your show, other people do.