Bruce Wayne Returns… After a Brief Stint as a Pirate


Sorry for all the DC news, but DC has been killing it this week. They announced the Earth One comics, the War of the Supermen event for next summer, and today they announced the Return of Bruce Wayne — a series to be written by Grant Morrison — which follows Bruce apparently Quantum Leaping through time, trying to find his way back to the present. The proof is above; that Bruce as a pirate Batman, and if you go to DC’s Source blog, there’s an awesome drawing of Caveman-Batman (Cave-Bat?) where Bruce is literally wearing a giant bat pelt.

I think this sounds awesome. This is exactly the type of Silver Age-inspired insanity that Morrison excels at, it’s new, it sounds incredibly entertaining, and most of all, it’s like that ’90s Legends of the Dark Knight toyline come to life. I’m genuinely excited.