Even Dracula Puppets Are More Badass than Twilight Vampires

Case in point: Jason Segel’s Dracula puppet, which he’s still using to sing “Dracula’s Lament” from his actual real Dracula puppet musical, featured in his movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall (a fine flick, if you haven’t seen it). Even when a Dracula puppet sings about love, it’s still far cooler than anything from Twilight. I just love this, and not just because it’s a great song; I love that Segel wrote a Dracula puppet musical — without any sense of irony, as he himself put it — and still loves the idea so much he’s singing it on The Craig Ferguson show years later. The man is dead serious about his insane Dracula puppet musical idea; he’s really not going to stop until he gets to perform it on Broadway. That’s… that’s a true nerd, my friends. I’m so glad he’s working on the new Muppets movie.