Fan Fiction Friday: Tony Stark and Astro Boy in “Sparking Tickle”

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?As I pointed out yesterday on the ol’ TR Twitter, I’ve had this FFF entry picked out for a couple of weeks. This should scare you. The fact that I’ve picked out next week’s Christmas-themed FFF should make you fall to the ground, gibbering on Cthulhu-level horror, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This story is by Ryuiki, and he wants you to know that this is the new movie Astro Boy, for some reason, and that the title, “Sparking Tickle” — which I just know caused a shudder of premature terror to run down your spines — doesn’t have anything to do with the story. There’s no tickling, per se.There is a lot of a man having sex with an underage robot boy, however.

“Mr. Stark, what’re you doing?” Astro Boy asked a little breathlessly.
The sensation was new and a little frightening, but not altogether

“I’m trying to figure out if this will actually work…your father
said that he’d put in all the parts…” Tony Stark replied. He and
Astro were down in his ‘lab’, and the boy was pressed up against the
hood of the Cobra, with the man behind him. Tony had one hand around
the front of Astro and the other was cupped around the firm ass,
squeezing gently.

Warning: This FFF is long and hard… meaning it’s a couple of pages and disturbed even me. So by no means do I suggest you continue reading.

A sudden thought occurred to Tony, and he removed his hands. Astro slid to the ground and spun around.

“Hey, we’re not stopping, are we?” Though he didn’t quite
understand what was going on, he liked how it made him feel, and didn’t
want to stop.

“No.. I just think you need a little bit of mental preparation
before we do the deed. Look, I’m not the best teacher around, and I
certainly don’t usually get along with kids, so, come here,” Tony
placed a hand on Astro’s shoulder and gently steered him around to
where he had various touch-monitors. Sitting the boy down in the chair
in the front of the screens, Tony turned the central one on.

“So, what is it that we’re going to do, exactly?” Astro asked.
Being from Metro City, none of the electronics around were all that
impressive to him, though he politely looked around.

“I’m going to let this show you, but first, a few things. You have
heard of sex, right?” Tony asked. He leaned back on the console under
the screen, crossing his arms and looking levelly at Astro.

“Do you like movies about gladiators? Robot gladiators, I mean?”

“Sex, hmm?” Astro dropped his eyes in order to concentrate on bringing
up any knowledge of the word. “Ah, yeah! It’s what people do to have
babies, right? I don’t know how it’s done, exactly, but I’ve heard
things…” As he remembered more and more, Astro’s face got redder and
redder. “Um, Mr. Stark, are…are w-we–“

This isn’t the baby-making kind of sex, Astro.

“Just watch this before you even think about anything else.” Tony
pushed a button on the console, and the screen came to life. Astro
watched, and became more and more fascinated and uncomfortable at the
same time.


This is what he was always hearing about. But…he’d never heard
of two men doing -that- together. But there it was, right in front of
him on the screen. He glanced sideways at Tony, who was watching as
well, and his expression was hard to read. Astro turned back to the
screen and found that a most curious sensation was washing over him,
and it centered around his–

Astro flushed again and squeezed his legs together. Was it getting
hot in here? Now he found that it was getting harder to sit still, and
he desperately wished that he knew just what was going on to make him
feel like this. Finally, Tony seemed to notice and turned off the
screen. He was smiling slightly.

Tony Stark just showed Astro Boy gay porn. That just happened.

“Okay, first thing’s first. Yes, males and females have sex
together to produce offspring. Sometimes they have it just for fun,
because believe me, it is fun.”

Glad to have something to focus on now, Astro cocked his head to
the side. “But what about what you showed me? That was two men? Two men
can’t make babies, can they?”

“No, they can’t. They just do it for fun.”

“For fun?” Astro glanced down at his lap with a frown. He’d never
used his penis to have fun before. But the two men on the screen
certainly did look like they were having fun…

One assumes he didn’t show Dip My Balls in Hot Wax 9, because that probably wouldn’t have looked fun.

“Yeah. It looked fun, right?” asked Tony, raising a brow.

“It did, but, um… I’ve never…” Astro trailed off, not quite sure how to say exactly what he wanted to.

“Well, you’re only technically like 11, right?” Tony said, and
Astro saw that he was looking directly into his eyes with an intensity
that was most peculiar.

toht face melting.jpg

?Just in case you needed to be reminded of exactly how awful this is. Most fan fic authors don’t mention the exact age of their underage characters, as it’s a grim reminder of how legally and morally wrong the acts depicted in these stories are. Not Ryuiki, apparently. I’m skipping ahead a little now.

“The reason I showed you this is
because I want you to know just what you’re getting in to. Think about
it. If something strange like that happened to you and you had no idea
it was going to happen until it was actually happening, what would you

“Uh, I’d probably, like… attack, or something. But–” Astro
added hurriedly, “I wouldn’t do it on purpose. It would just kinda…
happen.” He looked sheepish.

“Exactly. So it’s best to let you know just what’s going to
happen, so you don’t inadvertently kill me,” Tony said with a chuckle.

Oh, we should be so lucky.

“Um… Mr. Stark, um…why….” Astro stopped, squirming around with his hands tucked between his legs.

“Ah. Well, that’s a good sign, actually. Here, let’s begin,” Tony
knelt in front of Astro and hooked his index fingers in the boy’s outer
shorts and pulled them down and off. “Is this attached?” Tony asked,
indicating Astro’s signature tiny black shorts.

“N-no,” Astro breathed. Obviously, this was the first time anyone
had been anywhere near this region of his body in such a personal
manner, and all the feelings and sensations coursing through him right
now were bewildering. Tony looked skeptical, since the shorts indeed
looked attached, but sure enough, he slipped a finger between them and
Astro. Once those were around Astro’s ankles, Tony spread the boy’s
knees apart and slid between them.

Obviously, since this is a fan fic, Astro’s going to enjoy his statuatory rape in a bit, but the fact that he’s telling Stark “No” as he begins really brings home the horror, doesn’t it?

“M-Mr. Stark!” Astro gasped. His erect little member was almost in
the man’s face, and Astro had no idea what to do next. Their eyes met.

“Kay, what I’m going to do is put your cock in my mouth. I’m going
to suck on it until you orgasm, then it’ll be my turn. Well, I guess
that is if you can orgasm…”

“Orgasm?” Astro was quite astonished at the bluntness of Tony’s words.

Really, Astro? “Orgasm” is the word that surprised you with its bluntness? Not the “What I’m going to do is put your cock in my mouth” part?

“Yeah, when you cum. If that’s possible in a robot.”

You know, if Stark was performing an experiment to see if a robot of Astro Boy’s design could orgasm, that would make a certain amount of sense. A horrible, fan fic kind of sense, but it would give a purpose to his actions. As it is, Tony just really wants to suck Astro Boy’s 11-year-old penis, and if he cums, well, whatever.

“Cum?” When Tony talked, his warm breath trailed over Astro’s
groin, and the sensations heightened and he really wasn’t paying as
much attention to the words as he should be.

“When you shoot your load. Remember in the video when that white
stuff came out of the penis of the one on the bottom? That’s cumming.
It feels really good, let me tell you.”

“Okay…” Astro breathed, just wanting the pressure in his lower
regions to stop. Tony immediately obliged and took Astro’s entire cock
in his mouth, as it was proportional to the young boy’s body that it
was modeled after.

toht face melting.jpg


“Uhhhn!” Astro moaned, reflexively clutching Tony’s shoulders.

“Kid, not so tight!” Tony managed around the appendage in his mouth.

“S-sorry!” Astro squeaked, and loosened his grip somewhat. Tony
slowly slid his tongue out and along one side of Astro’s member,
keeping an eye on the boy’s face meanwhile.

“TONY!” Astro shouted, closing his eyes. He arched his upper body
back and gripped the back of the chair so tightly that it left
indentations. His hips seemed to have a mind of their own, which was
entirely possible, and they bucked forward with such forced that Tony
slid back a few inches. Muttering to himself and thus moving his lips
in a remarkably wonderful feeling way, Tony shuffled closer again. He
grabbed two legs of the chair and prepared himself for another buck of
Astro’s hips, which came a second later. This time, they both went
skidding a couple of inches across the floor.

Tony smiled to himself.

“Tony! I’m… I don’t know!” Astro cried, distressed.

“Just go with it! Oh, and don’t kill me in the process.”


Not really listening, or understanding what Tony said, Astro
bucked his hips a third time, and a wonderful feeling washed over him
as he… well, did something.

The force of Astro’s orgasm shot his cum straight to the back of
Tony’s throat, which he instinctively swallowed. Removing his mouth
from around the now flaccid member, Tony sat back.

Astro was still in the same position, arched forward with his
hands gripping the chair and eyes closed. Then he completely relaxed
and slid down off the chair and into Tony’s arms. He looked up, and
their eyes met again.

“What was that?”

Tony chuckled. “It’s exactly what I told you it was.


“You got it. And hey, you actually can do it.” Tony was smiling.

“Hey, our hearts are reacting!” Astro said suddenly with a bit of
alarm. Tony glanced down, and sure enough, both of their chests were
glowing a more vibrant blue than normal.

“Huh. Take a step back.”

Astro stood up and did so, but forgot that his boyshorts were
still around his ankles. He tripped and landed on his back with a loud
‘thud’, causing his ass guns to go off and propel him a few feet into
the air. The fire extinguisher robot immediately rushed forward and
doused the entire area. Astro landed with another ‘thud’ in a puddle of
foam, blinking up at the ceiling. Tony’s face loomed over him with a

Ha ha! Wacky post-statuatory rape antics! Somebody cue “Yakkety Sax”!

“Ass lasers? Ingenious. Though it does give me another reason not
to go through with this.” Tony’s head was covered in the foam, which
was slowly dripping off of him.

The other reasons being Astro Boy is a robot, Astro Boy is a minor, Astro Boy is an 11-year-old robot, this is beyond illegal, etc. But somehow, I didn’t think Tony’s going to stop — mainly because I know the worst is on the next page. Sigh.


Astro propped himself up on his elbows. “I didn’t mean to! I-I forgot-“

“Yeah, I know. The thing is, I like my body intact, and unlike
you, I can’t be repaired. I know you wouldn’t mean it, but it still
might happen, especially with a pro such as myself at the reins.”

Not quite understanding what Tony was talking about, Astro continued to argue anyway.

“I won’t let it happen again, I promise! Hey, I know! You can wear the Ironman suit!”

“What?” Tony’s left eye twitched.

“Yeah!” Astro said happily. “I don’t think any of my weapons could damage it too much. That can be repaired, I know.”

“Sheesh, kid, you really want me to have sex with you, don’t you?”

Astro Boy, you slutty little scamp!

Blushing again, Astro glanced at the ground. “It just looks like it feels so good…”

Slapping his forehead, Tony sighed. “I can’t believe I’m doing this…” he muttered, and turned around to the suit.


Astro clapped, then watched with fascination at the process in
which Ironman armored up. Once done, Tony turned to the boy and pointed
at the couch over to one side of the lab. Astro stood up, this time
remembering to pull his shorts up.

“Over there,” Tony said, and began walking towards it. Astro
followed along, brimming with excitement. “Sit,” Tony said, and pointed
at the couch again. Astro sat, though he wiggled around a lot. Tony
retreated to the back part of the lab and returned with a pink thing
that looked like–

“What is that?” Astro asked as Tony came around the couch and sat next to the boy.

“This is a dildo. It’s going to find out what you’ll do when
something is put inside you. Now, lean up against the side, there you
go. Okay, this is going to hurt, but it’ll get better, I promise.” Tony
said. Astro pushed himself up against the armrest of the couch and
looked questioningly at Tony, who positioned himself in the perfect
place to gain access to Astro.

Remember, this Iron Man now. Iron Man is about to insert a dildo in Astro Boy’s ass.

“Good thing I made this suit so nimble…” Tony muttered. He
slipped a metal-clad finger into the waist of Astro’s shorts, and the
boy gasped.

“Cold,” he said.

“Sorry,” Tony said, and initiated the internal warming component
of the suit and set it to concentrate on the hands. In just a second,
they were pleasantly warm, and Tony pulled off the shorts once again.
Astro blushed.

All of the sudden holding a bottle of lube, Tony applied some to the pink ‘toy’.

You know, if computer monitor’s could replicate paper, this post would be covered in my tears. It’s a wonder my computer still works.

“Okay, put your legs up on my shoulders,” Tony said, getting down
on all fours above Astro. Since his legs were so short, Astro didn’t
need to bend them over Tony’s shoulders; his feet rested on them.
Taking the toy, Tony gently put it on the outside of Astro’s amazingly
human-like hole. Tony heard an intake of breath, but Astro only looked
curious, if anything.


“It’s going in now,” Tony said. He felt Astro bracing himself, and took that as a cue to push the tip of the dildo in.

“Ahhg!” Astro cried quietly, and Tony stopped to look at him.

“N-no, keep going!” Astro forced through clenched teeth.

“Are you sure? We can stop if it gets to be too much.” Since when had Tony cared this much during a sexual act with /anyone/?!

“Please, just keep going…” came the quiet reply.

“Okay…” Tony said, frowning. He pushed the toy in a couple more
centimeters and stopped again. Astro had his eyes closed tightly and he
was holding on to the armrest of the couch for dear life.

“Huuhn, hmm…” Astro moaned quietly, wiggling around a bit.

Astro’s shitty Rorschach impression failed to lighten the mood.

“I can stop…” Tony said. He retracted the faceplate to plant a
kiss on Astro’s forehead, and that seemed to calm him a bit. Tony felt
the tightness around the toy loosening just a bit, and so pushed in

“I can stop” said Iron Man as he jammed the dildo further up Astro Boy’s ass without waiting for an answer.

“Nnng!” Astro cried, visibly trying to relax, and Tony waited for
him to. This continued, the pushing and the waiting and the noises
until Tony had the dildo about half way in. Astro was panting lightly
by now, and his eyes had been closed the entire time.


“Astro, are you okay?” Tony knew it was a stupid question to ask, but he didn’t care.


“I’m okay….” Astro breathed out, sliding his eyes open. Tony still had the faceplate open, so their eyes met.

“Humph..,” Tony said bemusedly, and kissed him full on the lips.
Astro moaned into it, taking one arm and putting it around Tony’s neck.
Tony took his unoccupied hand and braced himself against the armrest
above Astro’s head.

It was a slow kiss, for Tony knew this was probably Astro’s first
time doing anything like it. Tony expertly caressed the small mouth,
taking his time and enjoying it. Astro became hard again, and Tony
retracted the armor around his hand on the armrest to fondle him.
Astro’s hips bucked, but Tony didn’t go flying this time, as he was
wearing the suit. Consequently, the movement of Astro forced the toy
still in side him to penetrate deeper, causing the boy to cum all over
himself and Tony’s hand. Astro blinked open his eyes.

Please note that Astro Boy’s first kiss came after Astro’s first blow job and first DILDO UP HIS ASS. Oh, that Tony Stark.

“Y-you touched something inside… it made me feel…” Astro finished his sentence with a moan as Tony hit the spot again.

“So, you have some sort of semblance to a prostate. Your dad sure was thorough,”‘ Tony said, thoughtful.

“Your dad sure was a fucking pervert!”

“Hnnnn… Astro moaned, arching his body so Tony would hit it again.

“Okay, okay, you’ve had enough fun on your own, and you haven’t
fired off any weapons, so it’s my turn now,” Tony said, and sat up. He
left the dildo in place, and it didn’t even seem that Astro noticed
when he got off the couch, walked further back into the lab, and got
out of the armor. As he walked back over to the couch, Tony stripped
all of his clothes off. He took up his former position over Astro and
took the toy in one hand. He gently worked it out, and Astro cried out.

“Don’t worry, we’re not done yet, little man,” Tony said.

toht face melting.jpg

Yes, the rare Triple Face Melt. I feel this story has earned it.

leaned over and kissed Astro again, this time a little more forcefully.
He bit the boy’s bottom lip, tugged on it, pushed his tongue into the
smaller mouth, and pretty much went about ravishing the orifice quite
thoroughly. Not noticed by either of them, their ‘hearts’ were reacting
again due to close proximity. The blue glow strengthened and energy
from each was drawn out and pulled in to the opposite male. Both moaned
at the sensation, and Tony could feel a little hardness poking him in
the stomach.

Damn, just how many times can this boy cum? Tony thought. He was
hard himself, and decided that it was time to get down to it. Breaking
away from the kiss, Tony took a second to survey Astro.

The robot had his mouth slightly open, and his bottom lip was red
and swollen. His huge brown eyes were hooded, and his cheeks were
flushed. Tony resisted the urge to kiss him again, and instead picked
him up and got to his feet in one swift motion.

See, he picked him up easily because ASTRO IS EFFECTIVELY AN 11-YEAR-OLD BOY. Just wanted to make that clear.

“Tony…what are you doing?” Astro breathed. He wrapped his arms
around Tony’s neck gently and planted little kisses all over the man’s
face and neck.

“Just making things an bit more interesting…” Tony muttered. He
walked over to the nearest wall, turned Astro around, and shoved him
against it, so his back was to Tony. Astro craned his head around to
look questioningly at Tony, who leaned forward and stole a quick kiss.
Putting an arm around Astro’s waist to hold him up, Tony used the other
to squeeze out lube onto his cock from the bottle he miraculously had
again. He cast it aside once he was done.

Oh, it is a miracle! May a choir of angels sing Tony Star’s lubed cock into Astro’s ass!
“Okay, you ready Astro?”

“Yeah,” Astro replied in probably the most sensual tone Tony had ever heard. Which was saying something.
It bears mentioned that in the Astro Boy movie, Astro is voiced by Freddie Highmore of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake. So:

…but a really sexy version of that.

Keeping one arm around the boy’s middle, Tony spread the small
legs with a knee and reached under him. Having already had the dildo
inside him, Astro was a tiny bit more loose than he had been to start
out with, it would be a tight fit nonetheless. Tony had used his
smallest toy, which was smaller than he was, so this should be


Tony pushed a finger inside Astro and worked it around,
then added a second, and slowly stretched Astro. The boy had his hands
braced against the wall, and had his knees up and against the wall,
spread almost as wide as his arms. This helped Tony in that Astro was
helping to stretch himself this way. Finally, once Tony felt that they
were both as ready as they could be, he positioned his cock at Astro’s


The boy simply nodded, and Tony pushed himself in a small amount.

“Uhhhnn!” Astro moaned, and clenched somewhat painfully around Tony.

Tony grimaced. “Nnnf, Astro, you need to relax….”

“Stupid little boy! How can I fuck you in the ass if you don’t chill out? Jeez!”

It took a moment, but Astro managed to relax enough for Tony to
push in again, this time until the entire head of his cock was buried.
Tony started nibbling along Astro’s neck, down along the smooth curve
where it met shoulder, then Tony reached around with his arm not still
around Astro’s waist and took the boy’s cock again. Pumping it gently,
Tony continued to place kisses and nibbles everywhere he could reach.
Thus distracted, Tony managed to push in a little more. Arching himself
around, Tony captured Astro’s mouth in a kiss, alternating between
caressing and a little more violent in turn. Astro came, and Tony took
his cum covered hand and ghosted it up and down along Astro’s back,
over his ass cheeks, and around to the inside of his thighs.

You know the worst part? Since — as I may have mentioned — Astro is an 11-year-old, if Tony is fucking him in the ass, he really shouldn’t be able to access Astro’s neck. He’d be too short, right? Man, I hate it when the author gets details like these wrong, because it just pulls me right out of thes stories about a MAN FUCKING A ROBOT BOY IN THE ASS

“Tony…” Astro crooned, and suddenly pushed himself back off the
wall with just enough force to bury Tony’s entire cock inside him. Tony
was too startled at first to even react.

Quelle surprise!

“Uhhhhnng!” Astro cried, and clutched at the wall hard enough that
his fingers broke through. Now having something to hang on to, Astro
did just that. Taking his cue, Tony began thrusting in and out, and
immediately hit that spot deep inside Astro again. Moans of pain
dissolved into those of pleasure, and Astro rocked his hips in time
with Tony’s thrusts. Tony bit the curve of Astro’s neck, and the boy
arched his body forward. A second later, Astro came yet again.

After a few more thrusts, Tony came with a grunt. Astro was rigid
for a moment, then collapsed against Tony. Disengaging from him, Tony
took Astro in his arms and lay him on the sofa.

“Tony.” Astro said simply, eyes now hooded with sleep. Tony
pressed their lips together one more time, then pulled away. He
retreated from Astro’s view, and when he returned, the little robot was
asleep. Taking the cloth he’d retrieved, Tony began cleaning all the
cum off Astro.


?But we’re still not done.

“Did you have a nice look at the ARC Reactor, Dr. Tenma?” Tony asked as the scientist walked into the living room.

“I did. How was your visit with Mr. Stark, Tobi?” Tenma asked, smiling down at his ‘son’.

“I was great! He showed me the Iron Man suit, and told me all
about how it works!” the robot said happily. He turned to Tony, who was
standing beside him, and hugged his waist. Tony appeared not to know
what to do, but then bent down and gently put his arms around Astro as

“Well, ready to go back home, Tobi?” Tenma asked. Astro nodded, and they all walked towards the door. Astro stopped, however.

“My hat!” he cried, and dashed back towards the living room and
returned a second later. Tenma heaved a sigh of relief. Astro stood
next to Tony again, taking his hand. Tony pretended not to notice.

“Seems he’s really taken a liking to you, Tony,” Tenma said, smiling.

“Oh, you know, he’s a smart boy, and I have smart things around,”
Tony said with a shrug. It was then that Tenma happened to glance down
at Astro’s boots. A trickle of some white fluid was snaking its way
down the inside of Astro’s leg, and Tenma’s eyes widened for a second
as he recognized what it was, before he regained his composure.

“Well, he’ll just have to come visit more often…” he said
absently. Astro gave Tony’s hand a final squeeze, then took his
‘father’s’ and lead him out of the door.

“Bye Tony! It was really fun today!” he called behind him. Tony
stood in the doorway, waving as they left. Closing the door behind him,
Tony retreated back to the lab to start repairs to the wall.

“Hey Jarvis?”

“Yes, sir?”

“Please go through and erase all security camera data of the entire lab from the past hour.”

“As you wish, sir.”

And Tony erases the evidence that would be used to convict him of statuatory rape, just to remind you that even in the horrible, twisted world of this story, everyone — INCLUDING THE AUTHOR — knows this is awful and wrong. THE END. Of all that has ever been good or hopeful.