Prisoner-Themed Band Makes Prisoner-Themed Video for Prisoner-Themed Song

The band Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling likes the show The Prisoner. A lot. Not only have they named themselves after the series (the title of the 13th episode, specifically), but they’re making an album with one song for every episode of the cult favorite British TV series. Moreover, they’ve made a video for the first song, aptly titled “Episode 01 – Arrival,” where they’ve recreated a shot-for-shot remake of The Prisoner‘s opening credits. Now, this is impressive enough, but the fact that the band shot their video in Boston and New England — and not the actual England — yet managed to recreate shots so accurately, but also somehow got their hands on a vintage Lotus 7 car complete with the correct license plate… well, it’s beyond amazing. That’s lead singer/drummer Sophia Cacciola as Number 6/Patrick McGoohan, by the way. Somewhere in the pantheon of Impressive Acts of Nerdery, this thing ranks near the top.