Geek Apparel of the Week: MODOK

modok shirt.jpg

?Since I have both an FFF and a TR contest to run today, I thought I’d go ahead and knock Geek Apparel out early — and easy task when Zach Snyder sends you an awesome MODOK shirt, which he did. This is $19-21 and, believe it or not, sold at Hot Topic amidst all the Twilight bullshit and retro Nintendo shirts bought by kids who weren’t even born when most of them came out (also: get off my lawn). Question: Does the availability of this shirt at Hot Topic negate the fact that they also sell this:

punisher beanie.jpg

?…or is this Punisher beanie so fucking awful that no amount of MODOK merchandise could ever make up for it? Discuss in the comments, and please show your work. And thanks to DG for the latter tip.