The Captain America Movie Gets One Role Right

skull 1 and skull 2.jpg

I’ve tried to ignore the Captain America casting rumor mill, mainly because it’s so disheartening and stupid. I mean, when the trade presses report that the Jonas brothers and Dane Cook tried for the role of Steve Rogers — and that The Office‘s John Krasinski was the front runner for a while — what the hell can I do? Ignore it until something is confirmed, and pray that something isn’t horrible and/or moronic.

But here’s a rumor about the Cap movie that’s actually good news — Hugo Weaving is supposedly in final talks to play the Red Skull. Not only is Weaving a fine actor, he has a very, very large skull, which should help the Red Skull make-up/prosthesis considerably. that’s a cost-conscious casting decision right there. I mean, look at him up there. The man is half forehead. (Via /Film)