Sony Will Do Robert Rodriguez’s Fire and Ice Remake, Because Barbarians Can’t Cyber-Attack


That’s right, half-naked axe-wielders! What’cha gonna do if Sony offends you? Nothing, that’s what. You’ll be too busy getting sunburned on your nearly naked ass by the L.A. weather.

Seriously, this is one of many projects Rodriguez announced a couple of years ago that I assumed would end up going the way of his Rose McGowan Red Sonja, which at least made it to the poster stage. But it looks like Sony is betting big, and probably thinking right about now that movies based in fantasy realms are just a shit-ton safer than anything else.

According to Deadline’s report, Rodriguez is finally acknowledging that this is a project he can’t make himself on his computer for pennies on the dollar, and Sony wants this to be a big franchise. I guess somebody finally realized that the last time there was a reboot of a fantasy property that Ralph Bakshi did first, it made a lot of people a lot of money. Can Rodriguez handle the slower pace and studio demands? I’m not betting on it, but I’ll be watching with great interest.