Pixar’s Gettin’ Down n’ Nerdy with Wreck-It Ralph

Pixar generally makes great, family-friendly, thoughtful and massively entertaining movies. Like, they do it consistently. So there’s no surprise that Pixar’s new movie Wreck-It Ralph looks fantastic — it’s that’s a large portion of it is devoted to nerds.

Yep, the evil classic arcade bad guy tires of being a bad guy and decides to job-hop through a variety of videogames, new and old. If you don’t feel a twinge of nerdy pleasure at seeing Zangief, M. Bison, a Pac-Man ghost, Dr. Robotnik and Bowser all hanging out at a videogame villain support group, well, you’re probably on the wrong website (because you looking for pictures of “topless robots,” undoubtedly). What’s already obvious is that while there’s clearly going to be a great deal of humor for older/adult nerds — because what child knows what the hell Q-bert is anymore? — Pixar is talented enough to have younger audiences feel the humor of the reference, even if they have no idea about the specifics of the reference. Anyways, I expect Wreck-It here to earn a jillion dollars.
Ironically, I also expect the videogame adaptation of the movie to be incredibly awful, but let’s not worry about that right now.
Update: So it’s not a Pixar movie, just a regular Disney animation. My bad. But I don’t feel like rewriting the whole damn thing, so please accept this as my correction.