Halo Legends Will Be Legen — Wait For It —


?— ish? I hesitate to say legendary, because Famitsu just gave out the summary for each of the Halo anime’s “legends,” and none of them are exactly blowing my mind. Maybe they’ll be great, but I just keep imagining a lot of beloved Halo characters standing around and talking about how awful war is. Anyways, here’s the list, cut and pasted from the far less lazy Japanator:

Episode 1&2 “Origins Part 1 & Part 2” From the Forerunner’s
Birth until the war with the Covenant, the 1000 year period of the
history of the world called Halo is depicted on a magnificent scale. It
is a story that makes it easier to understand the worldview of Halo.

Episode 3
“The Babysitter” — This depicts a detailed account of a Spartan Sniper squad raid undertaken by the ODST unit.

Episode 4
“Prototype” — This
is the story of the so-called heartless sergeant, regaining his
respect/dignity as a human being while fighting with a pair of walking
armor suit weapons.

Episode 5
“Homecoming” — This
is the legend of the heroic female Spartan. During the process of
battle, the top secret details of the Spartan’s plan, as well as the
actions taken with the absence of morale and the presence of
considerable doubt, the female’s memories are brought back to life.

Episode 6
“The Duel” This
is the legend of the heroic Arbiter, 5000 years before the events of
Halo 3. Neither Cell animation nor CG is used here; instead this
animation is drawn in a unique natural “painting filter”.
Episode 7
“The Package” — The
fight between the Covenant and the Spartans is depicted in full CG
animation only. [Shinji] Aramaki himself has taken it upon himself to be the
director, and to depict the activities of the Spartans as forceful.

Episode 8
“Odd One Out” — An episode that incorporates things that will make you smile here and there.

So the first one is a copy-and-paste of the first segment of the Animatrix, fine. We know that “Babysitter” one involves a spiky-haired protagonist with a bad attitude, whatever. “Prototype” sounds exactly like the kind of nonsense I’m worried about, although “Homecoming’s” premise of Master Chief with breasts should be reasonably popular. “The Duel” sounds boring, and although “The Package” is directed by Shinji Aramaki, who made those cel-shaded Appleseed movies that include some awesome action scenes, all the scenes in those Appleseed mopvies that didn’t involve shit blowing up were nigh unwatchable. As for “Odd Man Out”? I have no idea. But I suspect that one day, after we’ve emotionally recovered, I will be featuring it on Super Terrific Japanese Thing one day.