Holy @#$%, Avatar Made Its Money Back


?I’m even talking that insane, possibly not real $500 million budget that was rumored back in November. Right now, thanks to the Christmas weekend, Avatar made $212 million in America, and more than $400 worldwide — excuse me, I mean the world besides America. That totals $615 million in two weeks, with goodness knows how many weeks left to go.

I swear to god I’m going to see Avatar this week, so you guys can stop bugging me about it. I will say that my family has always gone to a movie on Christmas since I was little; it used to be the theaters were practically empty. That’s no longer the case, since movie theaters are packed on Christmas nowadays — in fact, this weekend was the biggest box office take ever. My family did not go to the movies this year because we thought it would be too crowded. In summary: thanks a lot, assholes. (Via Box Office Mojo)