Madness! The Frazetta Conspiracy Continues to Unfold!


Since a few of you mentioned the conflict between legendary fantasy painter Frank Frazetta’s children and the fact that Frank himself might not be entirely of sound mind, I thought you guys would like to know the totally bizarre developments which have been revealed in The Case of Frank Jr. Breaking Into His Dad’s Museum with a Backhoe. From the Beat:

The bizarre incident has unearthed a family squabble among
Frazetta’s four children. It seems that children Bill, Holly and Heidi
are in favor of selling the world-famous and iconic paintings that made
their father a legend and created an entire genre of fantasy art — one
painting sold recently for $1 million and that could be just the start
of the bidding. 

On the other side, we have Frank Jr., who seems to want to keep the
paintings in the family — or at least out of his siblings’ hands. The
paintings are currently displayed at the Frazetta Museum where, one
assumes, they bring in some kind of modest income….

The REAL bombshell, however, comes from a notary who says that Frank
Frazetta Sr. came to her nine days before the aborted heist and asked
her to notarize a power of attorney removing control of the art from
Bill, Heidi and Holly and giving it to Frank Jr! “He was in the right
frame of mind,” said the notary.

Look, whether Frank Jr. was trying to steal his dad’s paintings or save them, I think we can agree that breaking into the museum with the equivalent of a mini-bulldozer was probably not the best way to go about it. Either someone’s still lying or Frank Jr. is not the sharpest tool in the Frazetta shed.