Superman Makes Poor Life Decisions

As you may have heard, Clark Kent just quit his job at the Daily Planet in DC’s Superman comics to become a blogger. Apparently, he had some kind of issue with how newspapers are concerned more with entertainment than actual reporting, so he’s turned to the internet… where people are more concerned with funny pictures of cats than news in any format. This NMA video sums it all up pretty well. Quitting any kind of job in this economy is pretty goddamn stupid, but I eagerly await the time when Clark calls Lexcorp to do a stunning expos? and the Lexcorp operator asks what media outlet he’s with, and he has to say “” and she just hangs up on him. (Via iGeektrooper)

If you like this joke, and want to hear it again — and others like it — you might want to go listen to NerdBastards’s Bastardcast podcast, where I chime in on this and a variety of issues! (Also, no one asks me how I chose the name Topless Robot, so you don’t have to hear that again!) It was a good time, and I’m particularly eloquent and brilliant in it, so I do recommend giving it a listen.