Now THAT’S How You Make a Movie Poster


?Goddamn. I keep forgetting the Solomon Kane movie exists, despite the fact it stars Rome‘s James Purefoy’s and is Robert Howard’s other main character besides Conan. It seems like the filmn’s producers know they have to battle that lack of nerd awareness, so they made the most badass poster they possibly could. The tagline is lame, sure, but this painting could easily have been among those Frazetta Jr. tried to steal from his pop’s museum (meaning it’s Frazetta-ish in a good way). Twitch has a clip of the film, too:

The special effects aren’t killer, but I love how utterly unconcerned Kane is for his henchmen getting dragged to hell (or wherever). I think this movie looks fun. And the poster makes me want to buy a van and have that painted on the side. I don’t think Solomon Kane can hope — or even wants — anything more than that.