Some Dude Blew Up Uruguay

Well, specifically, he just blew up Montevideo, Uruquay, and he didn’t blow it up as much as make a little fan movie of giant robots blowing it up. This video has been circulating around the nettertubes  after it was announced that Mandate Pictures was going to give him $1 million to direct a $30 million film, purely on the basis of this video… which cost $500. Now, I think the video looks cool; in fact, for $500, it’s unbelievable. But would I give this dude $30 million or a movie because of it? Fuck and no. That’s a terrible idea. He obviously knows his special effects and has a keen eye, but can he manage a professional shoot or actors? Can he deal with a script or even just actors reading lines? No one knows, because this little movie is neither professional nor does it have a story. Still, I guess it’s good that Hollywood gives the utterly untrained a chance once in a while. Hey, maybe this’ll be the dude that finally edges Uwe Boll out of a job.