The Legos of Persia




Did we know that Lego had the rights to do the Disney Prince of Persia movie? Did I? If I did, I had forgotten until I saw these rather awesome (if a little fuzzy) images from Brickset of the upcoming Lego sets. You’re looking at Quest for the Dagger (top) and Race Against Time (below) which had generic enough titles that I didn’t think spoiled anything, but had over to Brickset for three more which seem more revealing — there’s certainly one that indicates a scene that I didn’t know about.

You know what’s weird, though? After seeing these, I’m actually more excited for a Lego Prince of Persia game. I mean, it hasn’t been announced, but it has to happen, doesn’t it? I doubt Ubisoft would mind, would they? And just thinking about a mix of PoP and the Lego gameplay makes me more excited about any PoP since The Warrior Within emo-ed away all the goodwill that Sands of Time constructed in my heart. Man, I wish I could rewind time and not have bought that piece of crap. (Via Kotaku)