The Pool, The Final Frontier

This would be an incredibly awesome Super Terrific Japanese Thing, but after last week’s wacky Gundam tree and the previous week’s cute kitty bank, I feel I need to showcase something horrific this week. So this amazing remote control starship Enterprise just gets a regular Monday article, despite the fact that it actually flies… in the sense that it’s underwater. Okay, it doesn’t really fly at all. But as you can tell from the video of the Enterprise in action, it still looks awesome at it boldly traverses the deep end of wherever the hell they’re at. Apparently underwater R/C spaceships is a new fad in Japan; I immediately imagined an R/C SDF. Then I imagined it could transform into its robot mode. Then I wet myself. And then I called a pool contractor, because I seriously want to be ready… just in case. Thanks to Hersh and Gleeman for the tip. (Via Wired)