Barbie Is Thinking About Her Computer Engineering Degree

barbie nerd.jpg

I’m well aware that very few of the nerd boys who read Topless Robot — or the nerd girls, for that matter — have any interest in Barbie. But please give me the benefit of the doubt here, because I think every nerd will be extremely interested in Barbie’s potential new occupation. Mattel is currently running a poll for what Barbie’s next job should be. These include Environmentalist, News Anchor, Surgeon, and Architect, but the option that I voted for and every single person who reads TR should vote for is this: Computer Engineer.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have the chance to make Barbie a nerd for the first time ever. The power is ours.

Go to Mattel to vote. Spread the word. Tell your friends. Let’s make this happen. Not just for the Barbie-doll playing girls of the world, but for all of us.