Capcom Wants to Be in (Zombie) Pictures

Speaking of bad, cheesy, movies, Capcom has announced they’ll be making a movie based on their Dead Rising zombie-killin’ games, and the trailer is above. I was immediately excited by the idea of a Japanese Frank West running around a Japanese mall with a baseball bat, or the new guy from the Las Vegas-centered Dead Rising 2 driving though zombies in a motorcycle with chainsaw attached to it. But alas, Capcom has decided to make their Dead Rising movie as mundane as possible, and thus it doesn’t appear to set in a mall or Vegas or star Frank West or the other guy and the star seems to be a dude in a wheelchair. Now, I enjoy zombie movies probably more than the next guy, but that seems to be stacking the deck a little too much. You might as well make the hero a toddler and call it Home Alone 5.