Cobra Commander: Evil Guy or Dapper Gent?

Dapper Cobra Commander.jpg

?IDW recently released this unexplained image of a finely dressed gentlemen, causing much speculation that it is a redesign of the Cobra Commander character. (It almost certainly is, lest they’d be getting folks all riled up for nothing). While fans over at the troublingly intense G.I. Joe fan site HissTank are split over CC’s probable new look, it bears repeating once more that anything is better than this:

Cobra figure.jpg

?Meanwhile, IO9‘s Graeme McMillan has done some detective work and concluded that the artwork is by Antonio Fuso, who worked on IDW’s GI Joe: Cobra comic, a title whose sequel none-too-coincidentally hits stores later this month. It’s a bold redesign, and the fangs under the chin are nothing short of brilliant. But what do you think? Is Cobra Commander’s new look a hit or utter shit? Should such matters even be discussed given the goofy appearance of most of the characters in the Joe universe?