Insert Hulk Smash Joke Here

On February 2nd, Lionsgate will release their animated adaptation of Greg Pak’s Planet Hulk to DVD and Blu-ray. Newsarama is currently hosting an exclusive two-minute clip from the film, so you can head over there and check out the green mayhem for yourself. (It’s a given that the animation is better than what you see above). The sequence — which at first uncomfortably brings to mind the bloated arena scene from Attack of the Clones — really comes to life once the Hulk begins kicking robotic ass. Releasing a extended clip that reminds viewers of Lucas’ prequel stinkbomb is a gutsy move on Lionsgate’s part, but the Hulky action in this clip and coolness promised in the trailer will still make it required viewing for Marvel fans. At least those who aren’t pissed about the company’s Deadpool variant shenanigans.