Mad Max: Fury Road Is a “Revisit,” Says George Miller, Showing Footage at SXSW

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I knew they were going to show some new stuff from Mad Max: Fury Road at SXSW; I just didn’t have anyone to turn around a description for me quickly enough. Fortunately, my old pal Dan Casey from Nerdist was there, and has turned in a bang-up, blow-by-blow writeup of the scenes:

In chains and with bloody IV tubing sticking out of him, a dusty, parched, and disoriented Max follows his fetters to their source-a pale, battered corpse in the shell of a wrecked car. Finding his iconic shotgun in the ruined vehicle, Max attempts to unshackle himself by blowing off the wrist of the body to which he’s tied…

To avoid even minor spoilers I’ll just say click through for the rest.

We also learned what the deal is as far as Fury Road being a sequel or a reboot…kinda.

“It’s sort of a revisit. The three films exist in no real clear chronology, because they were always conceived as different films.”

I have only one question now:

Will the Tom Hardy make the Mel Gibson humble?