Interesting Places to Go on a Slow Newsday Trifecta (Updated!)

Man, it’s dead out there. In the nerd-o-sphere. Believe me, as good news that AMC ordered a Walking Dead pilot is, it’s so straight-forward that I never would have reported it if anything else had been going on. So. Rather than just write yet another story none of us can get that excited about, I thought I’d tell you about three nerd sites I enjoy which aren’t news-related at all, but that you might enjoy instead of waiting for me to post something interesting.


?? Cobra Commander’s newest plan for taking over the world can be seen
at Cobra Takeover. The plan: take over people on a one-by-one basis via
online chatting; specifically, Chatroulette, which hooks up random
people to talk online. If you don’t think suddenly seeing Cobra
Commander in your chat window is a little hilarious, head to C.C.’s Tumblr site
to see the transcripts of his conversations with civilians. I think
it’ll change your mind.

? Speaking of zombie stories, someone has started what I believe is world’s first Twitter account from the zombie apocalypse. Seriously, Manvszombies is a real-time (more-or-less) first-person account of a guy named Gus as he wanders through zombie-infested Miami. He’s even taking Twitpics, natch. Go follow him on Twitter, or just give it a look.

? This next site isn’t exactly entertainment, and it’s not a normal product that nerds would think about buying, but if you’re a Nipponophile like me, you’ll immensely dig Basically, it sells over 50 types of Japanese instant ramen and other instant noodles, from chicken and beef to insanity like Shittake Spinach Ramen to Green Tea infused Ramen. You basically choose all the different types you want, fill up a box, and they mail it to you. I can promise you that the difference between American instant ramen and Japanese instant ramen is pretty much like the difference between a Slim Jim and a steak — so I highly recommend you check it out. UPDATE: The kind folks at Ramenbox have given us a 10%-off coupon. Just enter “toplessrobot” in the coupon code.

That said, make sure you come back at 5pm EST because I have been saving something, uh… let’s just say entertaining. Hee hee hee…