James Franco + Anime Body Pillow = Genius

James Franco.jpg


There’s no time for James Franco to mourn the loss of the Raimi-era Spider-Man films, he’s too busy establishing himself as TV’s go-to guy for bizarre roles and self-deprecating cameos. Recently, he began a short stint on General Hospital as the murderer/conceptual artist known as, wait for it, Franco. Not merely content with wreaking havoc in Port Charles (his appearance on the soap will be tied into a real-life art show at New York City’s Deitch Projects gallery in the spring), he appeared on last night’s 30 Rock episode as a version of himself who was in love with an anime body pillow named Kimiko. Maybe this hits a bit too close to home for some of you, if so you have my apologies. For everyone else, this is the greatest bizarro celebrity cameo since David Duchovny flashed his goods on The Larry Sanders Show. You can watch the highlights of Franco’s 30 Rock appearance at AOL Television. Does anyone know if the pillow bears the image of a real anime character?