Justice Smallville of America

DC’s Source blog debuted a new trailer for Smallville‘s “Absolute Justice” two-parter, and it’s up above. Mainly it’s about Clark finding the old Justice Society of America headquarters and getting into everything (um, I certainly don’t know for sure, but should the Golden Age Green Lantern’s lantern just be hanging out like that?). I’m trying to be good and not knock Smallville, but every time I see Hawkman, my knee-jerk reaction is to mock. But rather than make fun of him, I want to try and figure out exactly what’s wrong with him. Is it that the helmet seems overly big? Is it the bird motif, that just doesn’t work as well in live-action than in the comics? Something else? I’m being serious. If you guys have any thoughts I’d love to hear them. Oh, and don’t forget there’ll be a TR live-blog for “Absolute Justice” when it aars on February 5th.