Lego Opens the Hero Factory

It’s an odd coincidence that this video pops up on the same day that TR is running a best thing-makers list, but Lego’s new Hero Factory is not a traditional thing-maker — at least there’s no plastic goop or terrifyingly high temperatures. Hero Factory is the line that will be replacing Bionicle this year, and if you watch the above trailer, it’s… well, it’s pretty much just like Bionicle except a little more robot-y (I think). The thing about Bionicle that always surprised me is what a weird, complicated narrative Lego told with it — it was more than just good guys and bad guys — there was a whole world of oddly named Lego creatures and mystic artifacts and what not. I mean, it was hardly Lord of the Rings, but it was far more complex and weird than I would ever have imagined Lego would have given a toyline. I’m curious to see what, if any, plot Lego has ready for Hero Factory. (Via ToyNewsI)