NYCC Hasbro Reveals: Star Wars and Transformers Age of Extinction

I think we’re all fans of the new Black 6″ Series, so let’s kick this off with that line’s big reveal: Sith Apprentice Anakin from Episode III (yes, his eyes are yellow. I don’t know yet if there’ll be an alternate pre-Sith head).


The Black series 3-3/4 reveals were quite good too…

Series 3 of these will be an Empire Strikes Back wave. I can’t tell if the Snowtrooper’s a new sculpt (I think not), but the others certainly seem to be. The Imperial grunt is joined by Toryn Farr, Dagobah Luke, and Yoda.





Dagobah Luke and Yoda combine to make one of the finest pieces ever in this line – you could sell me a 6-inch one with this sculpt and I’d be down. Really impressive level of detail here.


Next page: a better look at that new Optimus Prime figure.



So…turns out this is the Leader Class version, and like the Dark of the Moon Leader Class versions, he’s basically a shellformer, or kibbleformer, or whatever you call it when it’s basically a robot hiding inside a vehicle shell once transformed. And yeah, no pec windows. But look – vac metal!

Lord, I hope there’s a big Grimlock and it’s done better.