James Cameron Isn’t Done Making Crazy Avatar Money Yet

avatar sex.jpg

?Remember when I said yesterday that I couldn’t imagine why someone would buy avatar on DVD when it can’t be seen in 3-D or in a theater? Well, James Cameron has given another reason not to buy it — he’s re-releasing Avatar in August with six minutes of new footage, meaning another DVD release is inevitable, and many he’ll bother to include a few extras on that one. Personally, I’m just excited because if I thought Avatar had one flaw, it’s that it was just too darned short. Cameron also said the Avatar sequel will be set in the oceans of Pandora, because it’s been one whole movie since Cameron indulged his ocean fetish. I greatly look forward to Jake Sully sticking his ponytail-tentacle-penis into the majestic fish of Pandora and riding them hard through the waves. (Via /Film)