Prince of Persia Figures Reveal McFarlane Has Learned Nothing

6_Inch_ Desert_Dastan.jpg

?McFarlane announced the rights to Disney’s upcoming Prince of Persia movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal a while ago. I guess I wasn’t really expecting McFarlane to forego its standard procedure of making utterly unposeable figures in silly poses, but… well, you can see for yourself with “Desert Dastan” (that’s Jake) above. Pics of the rest of the 6-inch figures and the actually poseable 4-inch figures are over at ToyNewsI, which obviously fare better. But here’s my real question — besides two figures of Dastan, McFarlane is also making two 6-inch figures of the “Hassansins” (is “assassins” too evil a word for Disney? Do they not like the double “ass”?). Even if you end up loving the movie, can you imagine a world where you would want to pay $10 for this 6-inch figure?


?That’s what I thought.