Repo Chick Is Officially Weirder than Repo Man

One of my favorite films growing up as a teen nerd was Alex Cox’s Repo Man. It was bizarre, funny, unsettling, and probably Emilio Estevez’s finest performance. So I’ve been looking forward to Cox’s “sequel,” titled Repo Chick (and by the way, the upcoming movie Repo Men has nothing to do with Cox or either of his films). The first trailer for Repo Chick is above, and holy fucking shit. I’ve watched it five times, and it only gets less understandable each time.

Why is the repo chick a spoiled rich girl forced to get a job? What’s the deal with the train? Is that a robot made of TVs? What’s the deal with the golf courses? Were they riding in a toy helicopter in that one scene? And why did Cox decide to shoot 95% on cheap-ass green screens, Star Wars prequel style?

I have no answers. All I keep thinking about is Fox Harris’ line from Repo Man: “Everybody could stand a hundred chest X-rays a year. They ought to have them, too.” Right now I’m wondering if Alex Cox took that advice to heart.