Scott Pilgrim Blows My Mind


More than a few surly Topless Roboteers have wondered if I like anything besides weird Japanese movies and sucking Joss Whedon’s dick. A fair question, but one which I can answer: This. I like this. The upcoming Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World movie, whose director Edgar Wright just sent out the first pics (I purloined ’em from /Film).

First of all, I think the Scott Pilgrim comics are fantastic. They’re so much more than clever videogame metaphors and nerdy references, and I have very high hopes for the final volume. Furthermore, there’s not a movie I’m more excited about in 2010, mostly because Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz‘s Wright is directing the film. Remember how I said that the Zombieland writers were perfect for the Deadpool movie yesterday? Well, I can’t think of a director and project that are better suited for each other. Wright is a man who knows how pop culture informs our lives, is daring enough to try to replicate Scott Pilgrim‘s weirdest moments, and is talented enough to pull them off. I honestly think the Scott Pilgrim movie has a serious chance of being perfect.

Also, seeing Michael Cera leap around a pyramid with a flaming sword is so fucking awesome I want to die.