Super Terrific Japanese Thing: The Legend of Koizumi

Junichiro Koizomi was the Prime Minister of Japan from 2001-2006. Like, the real one. So the fact that some dude named Hideki Owada decided to create a manga starring Koizumi — as a master of mahjong who must play actual world political leaders — is weird, but kind of like wacky American comics such as Barack the Barbarian. Except this manga, aptly titled The Legend of Kozumi, does have the added wackiness of Koizumi playing people like Vladimir Putin, George W. Bush, Pop Benedict, Margaret Thatcher and, apparently, Hitler.

And now someone’s making an anime of it.

This clip perfectly exemplifies how incredibly awesome anime can be when it is totally fucking bananas. The fact that Koizumi is playing mahjong with Kim Jong-Il while shot is like the fifth craziest thing in the anime, and I love it. Dearly. (Via Japan Probe)