The Clone Wars, with Special Guest Stars the Mandalorians!

Tonight’s episode of Star Wars: Clone Wars is a big deal for hardcore Star Wars fans because it includes the first appearance ever (well, besides expanded universe books and comics) of the Mandalores, the badass warriors whose armor Boba and Jango Fett wore. This would likely be more cause for celebration if it weren’t a nerdy clusterfuck. As I understand it, sci-fi author Karen Traviss had been writing about the Mandalorians as space Celtic warriors or some such. Last year, around August, Traviss made an announcement she was quitting writing SW books because of a “canon” issue, which everyone soon figured out was Lucas totally shitting on all the work she did on the Mandalorians — and indeed, in tonight’s Clone Wars episode, the Mandalorians are suddenly a world of pacifists with a small group of warrior outcasts. That’s a pretty big discrepancy.

I don’t know how I feel about this; on one hand, big George is still in charge and can do whatever he wants with Star Wars no matter how contradictory it might be (obviously), but on the other hand, he did hire Traviss, likely approved her ideas and books for all those years, and to all of a sudden decide to change his mind and ignore all that previous work is kind of shitty, not just for Traviss, but for the fans who bought all those books. Enh. You guys can argue it amongst yourselves.

Meanwhile, Iron Man director Jon Favreau is the voice of the leader of the Mandalorian renegades. That’s probably a good deal, since if this clip is any indication, there will be zero fighting in the three-part story and a lot of standing around and talking. Whee! Thanks to Arsenal for the tip. (Via Wired)