The DC Universe Tastes the Rainbow


?You’re looking at the cover of DC’s Blackest Night #7. Assuming it’s not an enormous lie, it appears that some of the DC regulars will be getting rings, and I can’t help but think it’s a little awesome. Lex Luthor with an orange Greed ring? Scarecrow with a yellow Fear ring? That’s either Wonder Woman or Wonder Girl as a purple star Sapphire, right (isn’t Wonder Woman a Black Lantern at the moment, or am I confused? Then there’s the Flash Blue Beetle with Hope (since he has Blue in his name), that Atlantean chick who I think was Aquaman’s wife with a red Rage ring, and finally the Atom with Indigo, whose color represents I have no idea. Seeing as we were all dead certain that Hal Jordan was going to wear all the ROY G. BIV rings to become a White Lantern to end Blackest Night, I am pleasantly surprised by this development.