The Mystery of the Terrible Sherlock Holmes Vs. Dinosaurs Movie

The Asylum — the beyond low-budget, straight to DVD makers of the recent Princess of Mars movie, the Transmorphers movie, and many more knock-offs, have decided to try their hand at Sherlock Holmes. Thanks to the wonders of the public domain, the movie is simply called Sherlock Holmes, much like the Robert Downey Jr. version, although the latter is severely lacking in dinosaurs, while the Asylum’s version has them in spades. So… yeah.

I can’t help but think that Holmes will be less solving a mystery than running for his life from dinosaurs in this movie, and as a Holmes fan, that disappoints me. Unless, of course, the mystery is why Torchwood‘s Gareth David-Lloyd — Ianto! — would consent or be forced to star as Watson in a shitty direct-to-DVD Sherlock Holmes rip-off. Something tells me whatever the answer to that mystery is, the answer will depress all of us. Thanks to Kristie for the tip.