The Tekken Movie Trailer Stirs Up Indifference, Lacks Kangaroos

Thanks to the kind souls over at Kotaku we have our first glimpse at the film adaptation of Namco’s loved/loathed button-mashing brawler Tekken. And it looks pretty much how you would expect a Tekken film to look: questionable acting, a revenge-driven storyline, lots of fighting, the tired Blade Runner-esque visual landscape, characters that I would know more about if I spent my time playing manly games as opposed to Parappa the Rapper and Seaman, and so on. If Rob were here today, he would surely point out that the film couldn’t possibly look as cool as this, but all in all the movie seems pretty inoffensive. Unlesss you were hoping that it would really go apeshit and emphasize the goofier aspects from the various entries in the Tekken series, in which case you are probably losing your minds right about now. Come to think of it, not having a CGI bear in the Iron Fist Tournament does seem like a bit of a misstep. 

The best thing about this trailer? Jump to 0:17 and see some dude who looks like a live-action version of Dr. Orpheus from The Venture Bros. Tremendous!