The Zombieland/Deadpool Writers Are Also Doing G.I. Joe 2


?I don’t know how I feel about this. Sure, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are seemingly perfect for Deadpool, but that doesn’t make them perfect for G.I. Joe. On the plus side, by Zombieland’s praise, they can apparently write a coherent story, which will probably make the sequel superior to Rise of Cobra. On the negative side, they may be tempted to add too much humor into the movie, which I don’t think anybody wants. Even if their savvy enough to tone down their comedy skills, they’ve been given a world where the Baroness is a good guy, Cobra Commander is Duke’s ex-best friend, and he and Destro are both in jail. The deck is stacked against them. Furthermore, although the screenwriters for the first G.I. Joe movie didn’t have a lot of experience, I doubt they’re the ones who wrote “The world’s most powerful terrorist organization will attack Paris with two people in a large black van, and they will be chased by the world’s most powerful and well-equipped counter-terrorism force, who will chase them in a white rental van as you would get at Budget. Also, Breaker is wearing a large sweater that his grandmother made him.” That shit was undoubtedly Stephen Sommers, the director, so if he comes back, Reese and Wernick could make a screenplay out of gold and it not matter in the tiniest degree. We’ll see. (Via IESB)