Martin Sheen and Sally Field Are Going to Be Eating Wheatcakes

eat your wheatcakes.jpg

?Sony has hired Martin Sheen and Sally Field for the roles of Uncle Ben and Aunt May in the Spider-Man reboot, and now I’m totally confused. If you recall, the last Spidey news was that Rhys Ifans had been hired to play the Lizard, which meant that the biggest star in the flick would be Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. Now, again, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the movie, but from a movie studio standpoint, it’s insane — or at the very least, very, very cheap, and indicative of Sony not giving a shit about the movie.

Then they go and hire Martin Sheen and Sally Field for Uncle Ben and Aunt May? Huh? I know that Sheen and Field don’t command seven figure salaries any more, but they certainly cost more than unknown old people, any of whom could have easily filled these thankless roles. Does Sony really think that mass audiences are going to see the eventual trailer and say, “Well, I don’t know who that dork is who’s playing Spider-Man, but I can’t wait to see Martin Sheen killed off in the first reel!” Ridiculous.

I should mention that while Sheen has been confirmed as Uncle Ben, Sally Field has not been confirmed as Aunt May, although it’s the only role that makes sense and her hiring was announced just a few hours after Sheen’s. I guess there’s a small chance that she could be playing Madame Web, except that would be awesome, and I have a hard time believe anything that awesome will be occurring in this Spider-flick. (Via /Film)