TR Contest Special: HULK SMASH!


?So remember when we were talking about how awesome Hulk Vs. was in the straight-to-DVD comic book movie list earlier today? Well, I have similarly high hopes for the upcoming Planet Hulk animated adaptation, out on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download next Tuesday, February 2nd (you can check out the trailer over here). I loved the comics by Greg Pak, and it’s a stand-alone story that should be perfect for one of these movies. Oh, and there’s lots and lots of smashing.

Well, Lionsgate, makers of Planet Hulk and Hulk Vs., emailed me the other day — not with a death threat, oddly — but with the message that they wanted to give away the new Planet Hulk  2-Disc Special Edition DVD to two Topless Roboteers. I explained that you were all horrible people who didn’t deserve such gifts, but they insisted.

So the contest is this — tell me about the last time you got furious and wanted to Hulk out. I mean got crazy mad and just wanted to smash somebody (or somebodies, or venerable institutions, or whatever). Since this is TR, I’d prefer it to be still be over something nerd-related, like at a comic store or a role-playing game rather than when you were in line at the DMV or something — and since I’m still judging the winners, I’d pay attention to that rule if I were you.

The winner will still get TR shirts, too. As usual, only one entry per person, the contest ends on Monday, February 1st at 12:01am, and TRY TO KEEP IT FROM RUNNING TOO LONG OR I WILL SMASH YOUR PUNY ENTRY MYSELF. HULK NO HAVE TIME FOR READING 1000-WORD ESSAY ABOUT HOW SCALPER STOLE LAST SLAVE LEIA FIGURE FROM YOU AT TOYS “R” US ONE MORNING.